Lobster Supper in the Sun

Table with a view

Tuesday 28th June 2011 was the first and only day of summer so far in Edinburgh and instead of raiding the local butchers or fishmongers for fresh goodies to BBQ, I thought a trip to North Berwick was in order.


Why North Berwick I hear you ask? A little bird, well Twitter actually, had tweetings of a new place to dine al fresco; the Lobster Shack down at the harbour was offering some über fresh seafood and I fancied some shellfish.

Decisions, decisions!

I gave them a quick call to make sure that they hadn’t had a rush on lobster and BOGG and I jumped into the motor and headed off down the coast. The sun was still shining as we parked up and strolled down to the harbour. We both decided on a lobster supper each his with chips, mine with potato salad. We nabbed the last reaming table (be warned there are only four) and waited for our tea.

Drinking pink fizz while waiting for our number to be up!

Service was a tad slow but we enjoyed sipping a large plastic glass of pink fizz (£35.95 a bottle; the white fizz, which they didn’t have, is ten quid cheaper) while soaking up the evening sun. You have to ask for a top up for your drink as the various laws means that you can’t have the bottle on the table.

Someone elses supper, that we'll try next time!

Food is served in brown cardboard boxes but I didn’t mind that and as we waited, I snapped a picture of the fishcakes from one of the other tables; think I’ll have that next time.

It took over ½ an hour to get our food but we were content little bunnies and when our number was called, I opened up the box and there, sitting in sizzling splendour, was a well cooked lobster. I jumped straight in with fingers, who needs a knife and fork when eating straight from the shell? The flesh was sweet and juicy and salty. Grilled with herbs and garlic didn’t detract from the briny flavour.

Lobster in a box

Getting down 'n' dirty!

More delish seafood!


Over an hour later, I’d devoured every last fishy morsel. I had scraps in my hair, smeared over my face and bits hanging from my eyelashes – I looked a mess but a happy mess. BOGG was more refined in his munching and commented on the mess I’d left in the box. The shells and detritus were piled in a polystyrene cup like reverse Jenga. We decided that all in all we had a good meal but felt that it was expensive and he was still hungry. Perhaps The Lobster Shack should consider offering more chips, coleslaw and salad rather than just one side. Supper for the two of us was almost £70. We will go back but next time it’ll be for fishcakes and chips with a glass of beer.

PS since this review we went back and had fishckaes with chips, sea bass fillets with beetroot salsa washed down with Mutley’s lemonade and a pint of cider all for the grand sum of £21! Fresh and fabulous!

For opening times see Lobster Shack website

© Lea Harris, Off the Eaten Track 2011.


4 thoughts on “Lobster Supper in the Sun

    • It’s a great place. Regarding getting a table – you just have to go with the flow. There are plenty of benches to sit on around the harbour and if you follow the path to the right of the Lobster Shack there are some great views to be had out towards Fife, so tables are in irrelveant!


    • Thanks for your kind comments, Jacq.
      You could always open one then I could come and visit or failing that come over to the East side for the day and try the Shack for yourself


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