The Madcap Builder and the Butcher’s Bike

The Madcap Builder and the Butcher’s Bike

Thank you Twitter for your introduction to this barmy, bonkers, batty eccentric bloke in tweeds who will be riding a 1930’s butcher’s bike with one gear from John O’Groats to Land’s End! As of yet I’ve not met @GBFoodCycle aka Tim Keates, the madcap builder who is doing a foodie cycle from north to south in the space of 31 days, but I know for a fact I will. This all kicks off on 1st August when Tim starts his journey – wending his way down country lanes, peddling furiously up steep hills and free-wheeling down the other side, and when he reaches Edinburgh, our paths will cross.
What is the Great British Food Cycle? Well the press release below, kindly written for Tim by Alex Haydon will, hopefully, give you some insight into this madcap man.
If you think you can help, Tim is looking for a Project Manager, Press Officer and a Support Driver for the Scottish leg as well as sponsors and investors, not forgetting food producers and chefs.

The Madcap Builder and the Butcher's Bike (c) Ray Wat


‘Let us go forward together – and recreate the glory of Great British food and drink’

Eccentric foodie Tim Keates’ vision is to help his fellow-Britons rediscover the traditional quality, diversity and provenance of food and drink produced across our island. He wants to bring together many time-honoured food values and examine their place in modern food production. Looking at how those values can be incorporated in an ever-changing diverse Britain.
If Bertie Wooster had devised a weight-loss programme, this is the just the sort of thing he might have come up with. Tim will be riding his 1930s butcher’s bike from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Wearing tweeds. In August. But any weight Tim loses on his 1200-mile trek will more than likely be replaced on his stops along the way. Over the four weeks, this jolly moustachioed figure will whirr gently through the market towns and villages of the country, meeting, tasting and championing specialist producers.

Oh, I say! (c) David Corfield

In the basket, attached to his handlebars Tim will be transporting tasty samples from one producer to the next. As he drops one off, the next will be picked up and taken forward, creating a ‘food-chain’ the length of the nation. Tim will introduce fellow-producers to one another, while local media report the event.
He will encourage local businesses and community groups to organise functions in honour of specialist producers. Selected hotels and restaurants en route will be invited to highlight local seasonal produce. A roadshow will promote food and drink at selected venues and bread-making workshops will be set up at key centres, in conjunction with the Real Bread Campaign.

Don't try this at home! (c) David Corfield

When he finally gets to the end of it, he can look forward to a banquet of the best of British scoff, hosted by a well known celebrity chef.
Post event, a selection of the Very Best of British victuals will be packaged into hand-made hampers and delivered to selected top chefs and notables nationwide.

Notes for editors: for further information please contact: Tim Keates directly
Mb: 07836781498
Twitter @GBFoodCyle

N.B. During the Cycle, viewers will be regularly updated via the website, social media and a GPS system that will track the old boneshaker as it traverses the great British landscape.
N.B. 2 There is an opening for the whole adventure to be captured by professional regional film crews. Material will be available from the internet as a series of mini-documentaries and a special edition long-form version, available for future broadcast.


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