Virtual Acts of Kindness

The object of my downfall!

It’s been a funny ol’ week! I broke my ring finger metacarpal in my right hand last Saturday; no I wasn’t drunk at the time; yes, it was cake related. As a result of this injury, I was told by the hospital that I wouldn’t be able to drive for six weeks. “Six weeks!” I screeched, like chalk down a blackboard. Wailing, I continued, “I’ve got a cake to bake for Wednesday. I have to bake!”  Taping and splinting my hand, the nurse, bless her, offered me sympathy with her kind comment of, “You could always get a cake from M&S.” She meant well, I’m sure, but it would go down like a sunken cupcake with the Edinburgh Cake Ladies!

Due to this frustrating inconvenience, I’m unable to cook and under a cloud of self-pity on Sunday, I tweeted about my clumsiness. Twitter never ceases to amaze me; this virtual world is full of kindness that humbles me. The first act was from Sarah Pettegree, the pork pie meisteress behind the award-winning Brays Cottage in Norfolk who insisted I give her my snail mail address.

Brays Cottage - No ordinary pork pie.

Wednesday I received four twee pork pies. My son and I argued over who was going to have the chorizo one; you don’t need three guesses who won that round. :~}They were fab. I’ve eaten them already. So thank you Sarah.

Full of meaty goodness

The offers of help from people near me is truly heartfelt and my neighbour Rhona has been feeding and ferrying me back and forth. It just goes to show who your real friends are. I would do exactly the same for her.
The next act of kindness, a complete and utter surprise, was from Allison Patrick, another local tweeter and Edinburgh Cake Lady. After reading a thread about my liking of ginger cake and not making any because no one else likes it in my house, made one for me and brought it along to last night’s Edinburgh Cake Ladies’ Back to Basics meeting. I was more than a little gobsmacked I can tell you. Didn’t stop me from blethering mind you.

Allison's gingerbread - all for me?

Friday night I’m being taken out for dinner by Sharon from Bite Magazine and my son Toby said he‘d drop me off! I am indeed truly blessed with caring friends. Thank you!

Full of fishy goodness

To top it all, today I received my second box of fish from DelishFish and Fish is the Dish. This week I have wild hake, which went straight into the freezer as cooking is still a bit of an issue. Hot smoked salmon from John Milne along with a large bag of frozen scampi (langoustine to you and me). A quick recipe can be found on my Fish is the Dish recipe page.

So to everyone who has sent food parcels, baked for me or fed me this week


4 thoughts on “Virtual Acts of Kindness

  1. Aw, that’s so great! You know if I was in Edinburgh I would be ferrying you about the place from cake stop to cake stop.

    And you’re right, a cake from M&S wouldn’t have gone done too well (but I’m sure it would have still been eaten!)

    *hugs* from Down under

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