2012 – Year of the Cake!

The Ladies and the Cakes at Earthy Foods (photo from The Herald)

It’s a funny old world. And I’m a funny old bird! Since the Great British Bake Off, I’ve been approached several times for my opinion on cakes and baking. This is new to me; newspapers wanting my views; radio shows wanting to interview me. Why me? I’m no one special, just a mum verging on the empty nest syndrome with tendencies of Mediterranean moments that never kick in when it’s cold! Perhaps it’s because of the Bake Off, being the only person from my adoptive Scottish home to be on the show so far. Perhaps it’s because of my involvement with Scotland’s first cake club, the fabbytits Edinburgh Cake Ladies; who knows? But one thing’s for certain, it’s been enormous fun!


Last Friday I was lucky enough to be on Castle FM’s City Talk show with Ricky Callan. It seemed churlish not to take in some baked goodies. With mangy bananas needing to be used, I dumped them into one of my old faithfuls – banana loaf. I adapted the recipe as per usual, adding in chocolate chunks and a wee bit of freshly ground green cardamom. I also took a bit of a risk and made some sea salt and smoked chocolate cookies with fennel pollen. Well sometimes it’s good to walk (or bake) on the wild side.
Ricky is a man who bakes and a confirmed, or should that be committed foodie, it was a hoot talking to him. Being interviewed on live radio is a first and quite frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. I used a lot of errs and ums. But Ricky was great; we had a laugh and of course cake. I even brought some of my own china – if we’re going to eat cake, let’s do it right!

If we're going to eat cake or cookies, then let's do it proper!

The other media stuff was the article in this week’s Herald magazine. Back in February, I spoke to Ali Howard on why baking has become so popular. It’s a great piece (there are a couple of little errors but heigh ho, these things happen), so the Edinburgh Cake Ladies – ECL and I feature alongside the three gorgeous sisters from Quarriers Village over in the west, who have their own place aptly called, Three Sisters Bake. I’m also mentioned in the same paragraph as Dan Lepard (this is just icing on my cake!).

Katey's cake says it all ... (photo from The Herald)

The picture of Edinburgh Cake Lady, Katey aka @Edin_Eats is just wonderful, after all she is a very pretty and talented young baker.

I hope I have the opportunity to appear on other radio shows; it gives me an excuse to bake, but best of all it allows me to share my passion and my baking with others.

© Lea Harris, Off the Eaten Track. 2012.


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