Kitchen Cafe Baking

I’ll make this short and sweet! Hmmm … isn’t that the title of Dan Lepard’s latest cookbook?
Yesterday, the day after my birthday, I once again found myself up at ridiculous o’clock. This time it was deliberate; I needed to give my kitchen a quick blitz and tidy before BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Café presenter and producer, Gillian Russell came to record me baking for their show.
I was making my take on carrot cake. Gillian was on a short turnaround so in true Blue Peter style, I baked a ‘here’s one I made earlier’ cake as it needed to be cold for frosting.
Also turning up for this wee cake fest was Susan – @2Edinburgh, Alison – @EdinburghCake and Wendy – @InsideOutChef who had been on last week’s show talking about puddings.
We were recording for next week’s show (23rd May), which will be all about baking. Now where was I? Oh yes, getting the kitchen tidy and cake baking. Once the cake was cooling, I started to panic! I had nothing to give the ladies with a cuppa! With a fridge almost as barren as the Sahara, I fretted. I ranted and swore. But wait … what was that lurking behind the various jars of stuff? A lump of Parmesan. Immediate thought – scones, pure and simple.
Throwing ingredients into the mixer, flour flying round like asbestos dust, biting my lip I needed something else; something to jazz the scones up, but what?
*PING* fennel pollen from Global Harvest would be perfect with the Italian cheese.

Hot from the oven

No sooner had I taken the scones from the oven, there was a knock at the door; then another and another. The Edinburgh Cake Ladies had arrived.

Susan’s sticky buns!

Teas and coffees made and poured, Susan opened a tin to reveal a tasty treat of sticky buns she’d made the day before. As we waited for Gillian, we tucked in.
She arrived spot on 11.45 and without hesitation, we made her sit down and handed round our offerings.

Gillian and me having a laugh in my kitchen

Then into the kitchen to bake. Sound checks done and after a couple of false starts, from me banging and clanging around the kitchen, we were off.
Gillian was easy to chat to. She asked good questions and I ummed and erred my replies as I beat, grated and rasped the ingredients for the carrot cake.
Alison took loads of photos and we had a real giggle.

Wendy, Susan and Gillian

While the cake was baking, Gillian talked to the girls about Edinburgh Cake Ladies; how it came about, who comes, what happens and the future of baking.
And finally, in true Cake Ladies style we ate cake!

The finished carrot cake and Fabbytits mug

To find out about my cake and what the Cake Ladies had to say, tune in to BBC Radio Scotland Kitchen Cafe next week and hear more about 2012, The Year of the Cake!

It’s all about – CAKE!

© Images by Alison Dean, 2012.
© Lea Harris, Off the Eaten Track, 2012.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Cafe Baking

    • Thanks Sophia we had a hoot n Mrs Hollow Legs was very quiet 🙂
      We must organise an ECL Canadian road trip sometime next year.
      I can just imagine The Huss on a horse!


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