Cakey Serendipity!

Cakey Serendipity!


Serendipity is a beautiful word; from the moment the syllables cascade from my lips, to the sound they make and of course the meaning – the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it.

Dropping the Boy at Waverley this morning, I had a few chores to do in town. I dread the parking along George Street. Normally it’s miles away from where I need to be! Today I was in luck; serendipity cast her illustrious benevolence upon me with a space outside the old George Hotel, and home to the new coffee house, Burr & Co, which opens Monday 19th October. Being a nosy bint, I pressed my snout against the window to see what was going on.

Jules, the manager saw me peering through the glass. Next thing … I was whisked inside to have a look round. She informed me that it was the staff training day, but I was more than welcome to have a gander and gawp.

New kid on the block.

New kids on the block. Make mine a flat white!

Would I like a coffee? I was desperate for a decent brew this morning and didn’t hesitate on taking up her offer. While my flat white was being prepared, I did my normal thing, out with the phone to take some snaps of the cakes. Oh my, they looked tempting. An empty slot between the lemon meringue tart and the mille feuille, made my heart patter! The label said passionfruit macarons. As you know, my dear readers, I’m a sucker for these beauties but am often left disappointed.

Jules asked if I could be tempted by a wee something, perhaps a macaron? Oh yes! What appeared a few moments later were not the miniscule-one-bite- and-they’re-gone morsels, but a saucer-sized delight.

Be still my beating heart! My macaron addition is sated!

Be still my beating heart! My macaron addition is sated!

At £2.99 a pop, one might think it was a tad on the expensive side. Considering many for sale command a £1 – £1.20 price tag and are gone within seconds, this buttercup-yellow harlot, dipped in dark chocolate and filled with an unctuous passionfruit curd, was at least four bites worth. I was seriously impressed.

My flat white, made from coffee supplied by Caravan Coffee Roasters, was good and strong – a fab choice with my sweet snacklington. Prices are very competitive; a large cappuccino will set you back £2.65, filter coffee is £2.15 for the same size, while a small espresso is £1.45. Very reasonable for slap bang in the middle of town.

Mr C's Awarding Winning Pies are the dog's bs!

Mr C’s Awarding Winning Pies are the dog’s bs!

All the food, except Mr C’s Award Winning Pork Pies, is produced in-house by the Printing Press Bar and Kitchen with the cakes made by  pastry chef, Matthew Hayes. This man is a shear genius. Not only does he make the expected staples of lemon cake, carrot cake, muffins and brownies but as far as I am aware, Burr & Co is the only place in town that serves Ecclefechan tart! Oh, and bannocks!

Ladies and gentleman ... The Ecclefechan tart!

Ladies and gentleman … The Ecclefechan tart!


Carrot cake and lemon drizzle - next time my darlings!

Carrot cake and lemon drizzle – next time my darlings!

This coffee house could be my preferred place for meeting friends when in town.

So, as I was saying, serendipity shone on me today. Thanks for the coffee, macaron and the wee bag with honey cake and a slice of Ecclefechan, I shall savour them with relish!

To Jules and the team, have a great opening on Monday, sorry I can’t be there!


Burr & Co

20 George Street


Burr & Co Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

(C) Lea Harris, Off the Eaten Track, 2015.



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