Culinarium – A Culinary Chameleon

Culinarium sign



Culinarium – A Culinary Chameleon

Well I’m back in Georgia and realise that I didn’t post my review of Culinarium for Georgia Today, an expats newspaper when I was here last October. Shame on me!

There seems to be a wind of change in the air for food in Georgia. Some are sticking to traditions but giving the culinary scene a swift kick up the arse. Restaurants are producing classic dishes using really good quality ingredients, sourcing is becoming more important and, just like eating at home, dishes are made for sharing.



Chef Tekuna Gachechiladze

The woman at the forefront of this revolution is Chef Tekuna Gachechiladze. She has the ability to switch from one cooking style to another like a culinary chameleon and is at the heart of what Culinarium is about – innovative, polished and accomplished, willing to push the boundaries. Certainly not typical Georgian food, but just as delicious!


Sticky Suckling Pig


So here are my thoughts on the food I discovered one cold, wet autumnal evening in Tbilisi.

Culinarium – A Culinary Chameleon

(c) Lea Harris, Off the Eaten Track, February 2016.


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