In the Kitchen with @BakersBunny

Lea Harris

In the Kitchen with @BakersBunny

In the Kitchen with @BakersBunny

It’s about time I did something new, so I’m setting out on a new venture and stepping into the virtual world of cooking. How the hell do you do that, I hear you say.
Well, it’s like this. I’ve registered myself on a teaching platform called SkillShare and I’m already in the process of editing my first class, English Cream Tea Made Simple – Scones are Easy.

scone collage

English Cream Tea Made Simple

I’ve done my outline, recorded and published my introduction video (link at the  bottom of  this post) and have filmed all the lessons with the help of the long-suffering BOGG (Big Ol’ Grumpy Git) otherwise known as Simon (my Clive if you have watched any of the Keith Floyd TV programs).


BOGG – Big Ol’ Grumpy Git aka Simon

I have also set up a new blog specifically for recipes that is called, funnily enough, In the Kitchen with @BakersBunny. I’m slowly transferring the recipes I have on Off the Eaten Track over to the new site. Don’t fret because you can still read about my culinary jaunts and thoughts here but it’ll be more about travel, reviews and anything that I find of interest in the foodie world (I wish someone would come up with a better word than foodie).
So as I step into the unknown, I’d like to invite you to join me in my kitchen!
See you on the other side 

My introduction video – warts ‘n’ all – just a click away!

(C) Lea Harris, Off the Eaten Track. February 2016.


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