Ezo – Just Like Mum Makes!


Great food and ethos at Ezo

Manly Meatballs at Ezo

I was lucky enough to be back in Georgia in February and I’m pleased to say that there are some wonderful new restaurants that have hit the city.

Hans place

Hans’ gorgeous light a, bright and airy kitchen

I was staying with BOGG (Big Ol’ Grumpy Git aka Simon the Husband) in a great AirBnB in Soloaki District and our host, Hans, mentioned Ezo over in the next street. We were not disappointed and ate there twice during our stay. The highlight for me were the meatballs with mash potato. Not dainty ones but manly whoppers the size of bull’s balls!


Manly meatballs the size of bull’s balls!

Seriously impressed, that I wrote a review for Georgia Today who published it! Always gratifying 🙂

So for your delectation, here is my review in all its glory.

Ezo – Just Like Mom Makes!

(C) Lea Harris, Off the Eaten Track, 2016.


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