Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

We have all seen the devastation of Aleppo in Syria, turning from a beautiful city to a ghost town of dust and rubble. Our hearts cry out to those who have and still are suffering, but out of the ashes there is hope.

We were in Haddington yesterday for the farmers’ market, but first things first breakfast was needed so we headed to our favourite place for a wee bite, The Loft Cafe and Bakery.

Once replete, we went to pay at the counter and I noticed boxes of baklava. I love these sticky, sweet, crunchy, nutty morsels and on closer inspection, there was a note above the boxes. It brought a tear to my eye; there was a lump in my throat and a warm glow in my heart. This is what it said …

‘Nour had his own family run pastry shop in Bab, 40 miles north of Aleppo. Unfortunately, his shop and apartment were shelled and he and his family fled to Damascus in 2012. From there they were transported to a Refugee Camp in Amman, Jordan.
With no work permit and unable to return to Syria, Nour asked the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to be resettled in another country where his children would be safe. Nour and his family arrived in East Lothian in May 2016.

We  are delighted to be selling Nour’s handmade pastries for you to buy. All proceeds will go directly to Nour and his family.’


Thank you Nour!

Needless to say, I bought a box; they are were delicious, not too sweet just the right amount of sticky and full of nuts. He also makes custard filled kataifi that you can buy at The Loft Shop and Takeaway.


Custard filled Kataifi

So a huge thank you to Nour for baking them. Enormous thanks to East Lothian Council who are supporting Nour and his family and a mahoosive thank you to The Loft for telling Nour’s story, selling his baking and supporting a family who have seen their home, business and country destroyed. These few are the heroes of Christmas and I look forward to meeting Nour next year and learn more about his baking.

Thank you xx

(C) Lea Harris, Off the Eaten Track, 2016.


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