I’ve always had a love of food since my father taught me to cook jam tarts at our huge, battered kitchen table when I was four. Half a century later, that passion hasn’t waned; I love every aspect of cooking, baking and eating – from sourcing local ingredients to trying the more unusual delicacies the world has to offer.

My baking skills saw me hit the small screen when, in 2010, I made it through to appear on the ‘new’ BBC show, The Great British Bake Off! Now on its 6th series, I’m glad to see that I am no longer the only woman from Scotland to have been on the show.

Ultimately, I cook for the sheer enjoyment it not only gives me, but the pleasure it gives to others. From a simple scone when someone drops in for coffee or a family supper when everyone is home, to an impromptu BBQ or the extravagance of dinner for a dozen friends. It’s primal; it’s about sharing; it’s about passion. Oh and the fact that I just love to cook – for you, me or anyone who asks!

So join me on my journey, let me know what inspires you, who your heroes are and why you love food.

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(c) Lea Harris, 2018


5 thoughts on “About

    • A food hero, me? Thank you so much! I’m speechless, no-one has said anything like that about me before. *blush*
      But you are the inspirational one. Prepped! is a stunning book; recipes are easy to follow and your ideas make so much sense.


  1. Yahaay Lea- found you at last… and so wonderfully immersed in Edinburgh life! We miss you down here in ‘t deep South. love Annie Cheeseburger xxx

    PS In terms of food, carrot and spinach soup with lime from The New Cranks Recipe Book (1996!) is scrumlicious. I’ve only forgotten to wash mud off the spinach once before throwing it in xx

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