Books to Drool Over

With almost 400 cook books, this is a page for some of my favourites, from books that I like to cook from, use as a reference or the foodie porn ones that I just like to drool over. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Hermé

I love Pierre Hermé’s work from the moment I stepped across his threshold in Paris; it was the only pâtisserie that wasn’t firmly up its own arse! They were more than happy to let me take photographs of the cakes and pastries that graced the windows and display cabinets. And they not only looked amazing, but also tasted like heaven.
Chocolate Desserts is beautifully written by Dorie Greenspan and with drool-worthy photography by Jean-Louis Bloch-Laine, I adore this book. It’s a good mix of simple recipes for the novice to the more complex for us hardcore bakers.
It’s more than a coffee table book to me, it’s a book to work from, to experiment with, but most of all to enjoy!

(C) Lea Harris – Off the Eaten Track, 2012.


3 thoughts on “Books to Drool Over

  1. I love this book, and PH, great recommendation! I may have forgotten to renew it after taking it out at the library and had to pay for a replacement copy…don’t judge haha!! I just got the new Macarons book in English but haven’t attempted making any yet – I’m not sure if I’m fancy enough to go there yet!

    • Thanks, Melissa
      It’s really a lovely book and I’m not surprised you forgot to renew it after borrowing it from the library; think I would’ve forgotten too! 🙂
      My son got me the Macaron book for Christmas and I’ve not made any yet, I just like drooling over the pages.

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